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Does AstraSync Synchronize in Real Time?

Posted by cloudservicesforbusiness on May 20, 2009

We recently worked through some frustrations one of our customers  relating to Microsoft Online Services,  updates were not happening "real time" the source of the frustration turned out to be a result of some settings that need to be configured when using Astrasync for syncing MOS Hosted Exchange email with Blackberry. 

In order to get the appropriate settings configuration, go to the Astrasync icon to view your inbox. Direct push is NOT turned on by default, this needs to be enabled.

Q: Does AstraSync synchronize in real-time?
A: If you check the box "Enable DirectPush" in the ActiveSync Sync Settings, server side changes to Email, Calendar and Contacts will be synchronized instantaneously. If DirectPush is not enabled, server side changes will synchronize every 5 minutes. Client-side changes to Calendars and Contacts are synchronized every 30 minutes due to the expense of enumerating those items.

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