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New In October! Business Online Productivity Suite Webinar Series

Posted by cloudservicesforbusiness on October 1, 2009
Event Title Business Online Productivity Suite Webinar Series
Event Description Audience: Business Owners, CEOs, Business and Technical Decision Makers

Description: In a recent email from Steve Ballmer he discussed “The New Efficiency: With Less, Do More”, and continued to explain, “In the new normal, one thing is clear: cutting costs is extremely important. But cost cutting by itself is not a long-term winning strategy. To build a sustainable competitive advantage, companies must ultimately do two things- increase productivity and find ways to deliver new value to customers.”
How do you realize new efficiency? During this webinar you will learn about the capabilities of the Business Online Productivity Suite. In addition discuss how you can maximize key productivity gains when integrating with existing investments, specifically the Microsoft Office Suite.

The Business Online Productivity Suite from Microsoft delivers streamlined communications, simplified management, Business-class security and reliability.

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