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Office 365 Slate Demo

Posted by cloudservicesforbusiness on July 26, 2011

Vorsite started a meetup this year geared towards addressing the practical applications of  cloud technology and its future in business. With beer.

The beer part is important, because free beer is always a good reason to come to a tech event.

Walt Perry

Now, we don't normally write posts about our events, but we are extremely thrilled to announce that Walt Perry will be joining our meetup at Hales Ales Brewery and Pub on August 10th, 2011. As a 14-year veteran of Microsoft and  he is our go-to guy when it comes to technology.  Having held many positions from writing test code to working directly with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Walt has a unique perspective on cloud technology.

Don't miss out on the chance to meet with Walt Perry directly and get a first hand experience of Office 365 on a slate.

Meetup Details
August 10, 2011 @5:30pm
Hales Ales Brewery and Pub in Fremont,  Seattle WA

Seats are limited. Save your seat now!


How Office 365 Will Improve Your Business

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