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Cut 10% or More From Your Business Budget in 3 Easy Steps

Posted by cloudservicesforbusiness on December 4, 2012

The Cloud has earned a great deal of attention in 2012, most recently when the U.S. General Services Administration, or GSA, saved more than 90 percent in energy costs after moving from physical IT servers to cloud-based systems. Through both email and collaboration cloud migration from Vorsite, you can cut 10% or more from your business budget in only a few simple steps.

Step 1: Make a List of Your Current Document Management Issues

Whether you feel like you spend your entire day in your email inbox (when you're not micro-managing team meetings), feel locked in your office, or don't like paying high energy bills every month, there are ways you can save money, save time, and help your business grow to new heights. Vorsite encourages all business owners to objectively list all of the ways that document management sucks up the work day. Some of the common issues our customers cite include:

  • Large on-site servers make for high energy bills and wasted space.
  • Multiple IT employees suck up payroll, but are necessary for security.
  • Your email inbox quickly fills with needlessly CC'd emails.
  • Your customers complain about not having enough access to invoices and other important documents.
  • Employees can't work from home, prohibiting you from cutting overhead without losing profit.
If your business suffers from any of these problems (or many more), Microsoft cloud-based strategies are the cheapest, fastest, and most-reliable option.

Step 2: Test New Software Before You Buy, Free of Charge

Vorsite understands how hesitant some small to mid-sized businesses can be to embrace the cloud. Thankfully, business owners can try Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Windows Intune, two of our most popular products, free of charge for a full 30-days. Vorsite recently assisted Suquamish Tribe with cloud consulting services, with dramatically positive results you can read about here.

Step 3: Contact Vorsite for Cloud Consulting Services

Even small businesses can handle an enormous amount of online documents, such as email or employee records. Those that don't regularly utilize digital paperwork may be wasting valuable time and resources attempting to manage a staff and business offline. Cloud Consulting Services are performed with a detailed five-step approach:

  1. Assess: The cloud assessment methodology addresses all potential barriers to your successful Microsoft Cloud migration, whether they're financial, technical, or functional.
  2. Prove: You receive a full measurable plan for growth focusing on initial investments and a proof of concept on your chosen solutions selected during the assessment phase.
  3. Deploy: Flexibility, consistency, and speed are important during the actual deployment phase, which is why Vorsite leverages a Microsoft deployment methodology.
  4. Customize: Vorsite offers a host of customizable options for cloud customers, including apps like SharePoint, Windows Azure, and SQL Azure
  5. Manage: Never worry about your PC health again -- Vorsite uses Windows Intune to manage your security, software updates, and network maintenance for you.

Vorsite is skilled in working with small to mid-sized businesses that want to cut overhead and operating costs to help their businesses grow. With a dedicated Microsoft partnership, you can be sure that cloud-based solutions for your business or organization will revolutionize the way you handle the digital side of your company, something from which your customers and employees will immediately benefit.

How Office 365 Will Improve Your Business

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