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Office 365 Benefits of a Microsoft Cloud Solution

Posted by cloudservicesforbusiness on October 21, 2014

pexels-photo-573562If communication breakdowns are hindering your business and holding up progress on collaborative projects, a Microsoft Cloud solution may be the perfect answer.  Below is small list of Office 365 Benefits and how it can drive employee efficiency. 

Project Management

A must-have for collaborative projects; having a central point of reference for multiple users to share content, ideas, files, information, and project documents is an invaluable tool. With the ability to manage multiple teams, users, and clients, SharePoint ensures your employees have accurate and up-to-date information. With a Hosted SharePoint, you can rest easy knowing your files and data are safe in a secured, off-site location.

Centralized Information

There’s no need to go between several different departments looking for each bit of information you need to assemble a project. SharePoint offers shared information hosting that’s searchable – perfect for tracking down elements of your business documentation. If there’s a missing piece, you can write it down, upload it to SharePoint and make it available to coworkers.

Low-Impact Upgrade

Organizations already familiar with the Microsoft Office suite will have no trouble moving to a SharePoint solution. Integrated with Office 365 and other Microsoft-family services, the amount of training required is minimal compared to other cloud-based solutions.

Choose your Cloud Users

Highly customizable, Vorsite can cater a Microsoft SharePoint Online Migration Solution to fit your specific needs. Choosing to limit access or storage to users, clients, or project managers is completely achievable and some organizations even implement a “hybrid cloud,” meaning some data is stored off-site while other sensitive data remains on a separate local server or private data center.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a major disaster, cloud solutions have been proven to be more reliable than locally hosted servers. With centralized storage, management, and backups, data recovery can be faster and easier in the face of compromised infrastructure or physical damage to a server.

Yammer: A Social Network for Your Business

“What if we had Facebook, but just for us?” Yammer offers a strong, dynamic social media platform for you and your employees. Share files, comment on activity, discuss projects – all privately and in an insular, secure area that can be tied to your SharePoint solution. It’s a must-have for collaborating on projects or simply planning an office happy hour.

If you’re still not certain how Microsoft Cloud could benefit your company, chances are we have a customized solution that can be perfectly applied to your specific circumstances and needs.

How Office 365 Will Improve Your Business

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