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Make Office 365 Work for Your Digital Workplace Program

Posted by Aaron Nettles on March 2, 2018

 pexels-photo-240223Companies who decide to move to Microsoft Office 365 will fail to maximize the return on investment unless they exploit the full potential of their cloud office subscription. Continuous adoption of cloud office services within a digital workplace program is the key.

To get the full potential from Office 365, end-users need to be ready to take control, be creative, embrace change, and explore the applications that are included with Office 365. To help you get started I'll introduce you to one of my favorite Office 365 applications.

Microsoft FindTime

Is a free application that integrates with Office 365 (Outlook and Outlook Web Application).

With 1 email, FindTime allows employees to coordinate meetings across multiple attendees. Say good-bye to sending 5 emails to find the right day/time and a 6th message to add the calendar invite to everyone’s calendar. Attendees can be inside or outside your organization.

Microsoft FindTime allows you to send 1 email with up to 20 date/time suggestions and an unlimited number of attendees. Each attendee votes on what date/time works best and once everyone agrees, FindTime will send a meeting invite to all the attendees. If your company uses Skype For Business, FindTime will include the meeting information in the invite.

That’s it now go explore!




How to install – Outlook Client

  • Open Outlook
  • Click the store button located on ribbon


  • Search for “FindTime” and install
    • You may need to restart outlook




How to install – Outlook Web Application (OWA)

  • Open OWA from the web browser
  • Click “Manage Add-ins” from settings


  • Search for “FindTime” and Click "Add"
  • The App will appear in your Office 2106 Outlook Application.
  • Happy Scheduling!




 myths about moving to the cloud


How Office 365 Will Improve Your Business

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