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Cloud Experts to Help Manage and Support Office 365 and Azure

Posted by Aaron Nettles on July 2, 2019
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Having the right expertise at the right time to meet your deadlines!  You might be in the early stages of planning a cloud strategy, recently completed a migration, or drowning in the success of cloud adoption.

Available Options:

Hourly Support:

Perfect for businesses with ad-hoc questions and support issues, but also need access to a wide range of Microsoft Cloud expertise.

White-Glove Support:

Perfect for businesses who have made the transition to Office 365 and/or Azure and need access to a pool of cloud experts to meet their monthly challenges and support needs.


Perfect for businesses with an existing IT team with the right expertise but needs 1 or more cloud experts to help complete/support 1 or more cloud initiatives.


Vorsite Cloud Support is perfect for businesses with or without an existing IT staff. Choose an option that best aligns with your needs:

  • Advise, strategy, and or best practices for deploying Intranets, Teams, Groups
  • Increase Office 365 adoption by raising awareness and expert support
  • Extra set of hands to help your existing IT Team
  • Help employees learn about new and existing Office 365 capabilities
  • Take advantage of Office 365 built-in security capabilities
  • Assist with new projects (i.e. OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams)
  • Web Conferencing and VOIP Capabilities (Polycom Support Devices)
  • Azure Active Directory/Active Directory Assistance
  • Office 365 Groups Governance and Management
  • Single-Sign-On with Windows 10 Professional
  • Server and Application Migrations to Azure

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