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Vorsite Introduces New Office 365 Managed Service

Posted by Heidi Black on September 6, 2017

Seattle, WA (June 29,2017) – A common myth among IT leaders is that once you move Office to the cloud, the lion’s share of support and maintenance simply disappear. However, most organizations are only scratching the surface when it comes to Office 365 and aren’t utilizing all the platforms capabilities due to lack of technology expertise and training experience. Supporting and managing Office 365 requires dedication. It is complex and costly, especially keeping up with new releases, security and compliance, increasing adoption, and planning special projects. Vorsite has created a powerful service that removes these burdens and if taken advantage of, will help you drive business goals and ultimately, reduce cost.cycle.png

Vorsite’s Office 365 Managed Service empowers businesses to adopt, consume, and realize the full business value of Office 365. Companies that utilize this service will see a competitive advantage over competitors. The service helps increase adoption by raising awareness about the value of Office 365 and providing on-going training. People naturally resist change, Vorsite helps end-users manage and prepare for change by measuring and sharing the success of Office 365, while identifying future improvements. Vorsite’s service is designed to complement and amplify your existing IT staff by sharing our expertise and providing guidance. Vorsite helps organizations plan and deploy special projects faster and smarter while reducing cost and time. For organizations whose employees work remotely, or aren’t always in the office, the Managed Service includes “work the way you want” capabilities. Multiple devices are supported, improving efficiency and giving end-users the option to work anywhere, anytime, on any device without compromising security or privacy requirements.

The Office 365 Managed Service also includes a 24/7 service desk where administrators and end-users gain an easily accessible, convenient, and reliable resource for Office 365 technical support. Customers will never be left in the dark and will be walked through each step. In addition to all these great benefits, Vorsite offers a discount on standard licensing fees.

Vorsite is committed to making sure you are making the right decisions for your organization. With Vorsite’s Office 365 Managed Service, you can maximize your organization’s investment into the Office 365 platform and focus on the core objectives of your business. Leverage Office 365 to its fullest potential, Schedule a meeting with Vorsite to discuss further or contact us at getservices@vorsite.com or (206) 781-1797.  

How Office 365 Will Improve Your Business

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