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OneDrive, SharePoint Online and other Office 365 managed services

Posted by cloudservicesforbusiness on March 9, 2016


With the updates that will be listed in the article below, Microsoft wants to stress the importance in the security of their customer’s organizations. The new updates will help admins and compliance officers, audit and track activity through reporting and activity logs on SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Microsoft also increased data and storage capabilities across Office 365 apps, as well as SharePoint Online.

New auditing and reporting features for Administrators

Clients who are currently licensed with Office 365 now have the ability to create activity reports by clicking “Start recording user and admin activities” located under the Reports tab in the compliance center. Microsoft mentions that this new update includes file and folder actions such as view, create, edit, upload, download and delete; sharing actions like invitation and access requests; and synchronization activity. Every report can be customized by the user or by the file changing the data range. This would be useful in the case where an administrator or compliance officer needs to understand or monitor the actions of one or more individuals regarding their SharePoint Online Document library or OneDrive for Business usage. I.E: holding employees accountable for keeping their noses out of places they don't belong.

Today, audit history is retained for 90 days by default. However, admins do have the ability to export the results to a CSV file. Microsoft also allows audit data to be consumed via Office 365 Management Activity API. This provides the organizations and ISVs with a consistent organizational concept across all activity logs. These organizations are able to utilize this organization to strengthen their security through compliance monitoring and reporting solutions. For more information about how search the audit log click here.

1 Additional TB for Pooled SharePoint files

Total content stored on Office 365 is growing by approximately 300 percent annually. In order to keep up with demand Microsoft has increased default storage by 1 TB, plus one half a GB per user. This new data will be available across not only Office 365, but also SharePoint and Office 365 Groups and Video, up from the previously mentioned 10 additional GB. Organizations on Microsoft’s premium Enterprise, Government and Educational plans will now have access to unlimited storage on OneDrive for Business.


Customers and organizations will be able to index one-million items from on-premises SharePoint Online for each 1 TB of pooled storage. Existing indexed items in SharePoint are already covered through the Office 365 Investment. Any needed additional storage can be purchased through SharePoint on a GB, per month basis.


Microsoft is also increasing per file size limits to 10 GB. This update will effect files within Team sites, Office 365 Groups, and OneDrive for Business. These new data limits will also be applied to any videos uploaded through the Office 365 Video portal. This update will effectively reduce the number of large files left on shares and local hard drive, ultimately securing and making the content more easily accessible to those authorized.

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