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3 Office 365 Apps Infused With Artificial Intelligence that Save Time

Posted by Diane Gallagher on October 2, 2017

So Artificial Intelligence sounds like future tech that probably won't impact your business in the near future, right? The reality is, AI is already here and likely running at some level in your business. If you use Office 365, the Microsoft Graph is collecting, analyzing, and delivering insights to the Apps that your employees use every day. How can you wield this technology to get work done faster and smarter? Start with preparing your employees to anticipate and embrace the steady pace of updates and Apps provided; encourage them to discover Apps and services that will give them time back through work efficiency; empower them to quickly connect with other team members and experts.  Below are three Office 365 Apps that use Artificial Intelligence. How could these help your business?


Delve lets you discover people within your company and their content that relates to what you are working on. In turn people can find you and your content. One super useful feature "Get back to your recent documents and email attachments", links directly to the content you were most recently working on.  



MyAnalytics shows you how you spend your time in terms of Meeting Hours, Email Hours, Focus Hour, and After hour. This information is there to help you plan and schedule your time to work smarter and accomplish your goals. The MyAnalytics Outlook add-in provides data on how many people have read, replied to, or forwarded an email.

AI in Office

QuickStarter in PowerPoint. QuickStarter helps you create an outline based off a topic, it provides suggestions for finding content or what to research.

Researcher & Editor in Word. Researcher helps research and write content without leaving Word. Editor enhances Word spellcheck by making writing style suggestions.

Where to go from here? Empowering your employees to use the tools, the way they want, when they need, on any device is key.  Vorsite partners with our Office 365 Managed Service customers to create and deploy end user campaigns the will improve employee digital dexterity. Seattle IT Services

How Office 365 Will Improve Your Business

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